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Chairman’s speech at the commissioning ceremony




 Caverton Offshore Support Group PLC is proud to be collaborating with this great institution to uplift the quality of education in the university and in Nigeria as a whole. We at Caverton truly identify with your Vision and Mission Statement, as they are similar to what drives The Caverton Group:

 …Strives to become a world class and Nigeria’s leading University recognized for its excellence in capacity building and service delivery.

 ….as a specialized University is committed to the training of skilled and innovative workforce that would transform Nigeria’s natural resources into goods and services driven by entrepreneurship and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to positively affect the economy and thus the quality of life of her people.

As you may know, Caverton is an indigenous company which started from humble beginnings and has grown to become a leader in the oil and gas services sector. We strongly believe that Nigerians can compete with the best in the world if given the opportunity. This is a point that has been amply demonstrated by our history as a company. And having benefited from a positive regulatory environment through federal government’s local content policy, we believe we also have a responsibility not only to give back but also to expand opportunities for other Nigerians to develop their capacity and excel.

It is in furtherance of our Corporate Social Responsibility ideals and being mindful to leave our footprint on the sands of time, that in June 2010 we made a commitment to the Governing Council of this University to the continuing upliftment of its ideals and goals particularly in terms of academics, technology and infrastructural development by constructing a Lecture Hall for the students. We are indeed pleased to be here today to witness its commissioning.

Capacity development of Nigerians through educational upliftment is something we take seriously at Caverton. In the last 3 years alone, we have trained over 40 local pilots and engineers from the ab-initio stage on both rotor and fixed wing aircraft and the training program continues every year.

Our collaboration with your great institution will not end with just handing over this building.  We are open to offering Internship (IT) positions to deserving students of your institution. Your Engineering programmes have been adjudged as the best by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) with full accreditation status.  Caverton therefore would encourage your Engineering students who finish at the top of their class, graduating with First and Second class upper degrees, to seek employment with us. We hope that the university being a specialized institution will encourage students in the School of Engineering to enroll for training at the flight school towards becoming the new breed of Caverton Helicopters Pilots and Engineers that will sustain the professional culture of the company as well as raising the bar in the field.

Permit us to use this opportunity to call on other Nigerian companies and individuals to collaborate or increase their collaboration with institutions such as yours to improve the stock of skilled Nigerians. We live in a knowledge economy and our ability to compete as a country will depend on how skilled our people are. While government is expected to take the lead in national capacity development, this is not a task for government alone. There is a role for everyone, especially corporate organizations. Beyond giving back, it is also in the enlightened interest of corporate organizations to invest in national capacity development as this expands the pool of skilled manpower they can draw from to further their corporate interests.

Our partnership with your university has been a rewarding one for us and we believe that it has been rewarding for you as well, and we look forward to more fruitful collaborations in the future. We hope that the 520-Seater Hall will benefit the institution in addressing the inherent problem of congestion and inadequate lecture halls as well as enhance teaching and learning. And we do hope that this token from us will ultimately contribute to capacity building and overall development in our country.

Thank you very much and best wishes in all your endeavours.


Aderemi M. Makanjuola

Group Chairman