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Company Policy

Health & Safety policy

Caverton Marine's core value of safety is founded on the premise that the health and physical welfare of the people involved in any given activity is of paramount importance. Protecting the environment and our clients' assets are a natural part of delivering first class.

At the core of our safety philosophy is our Safety Management System, which complies with our obligations under the ISM Code and provides systems and procedures to ensure that hazards are identified, risks are mitigated and accidents prevented. Employees at every level of the organization are responsible for the prevention of job-related injuries and illnesses, property damage, and environmental accidents, through the use of their good judgment and the diligent and consistent application of company guidelines and procedures.


Environmental Protection Policy

Caverton Marine will at all times do its utmost to minimize any conduct that may endanger or harm the environment. Preventing and minimizing the pollution of the marine environment is our primary objective. To achieve this, we strive to ensure environmentally sound practices from contractors and subcontractors and always maintain and encourage direct access to management in order to report any contravention of our policies.


Contraband, Alcohol and Drug Policy

In the interest of security, safety, and in compliance of Caverton Marine's policy, and, in accordance with the conditions imposed upon the Company by any relevant laws, regulations and agreements with our customers, the Company will maintain programs that will ensure a safe working environment free of unnecessary hazards. Specifically:

  • The manufacture, use, possession (including trace amounts in or on the person) concealment, transportation, promotion, distribution or sale of contraband on company premises (including vessels) or while in transit to, or from, company offices or vessels by all direct or contracted employees of Caverton Marine is strictly prohibited at all times.
  • The use, possession, or consumption of alcohol, drugs or other mood altering substances by either Caverton Marine direct or contracted employees or any other persons either utilizing or entering onto Company premises (including vessels) is strictly prohibited.
  • The personal possession of firearms, weapons, explosives and ammunition on Caverton Marine offices or vessels by either direct or contracted employees or any other persons either utilizing or entering onto Company premises (including vessels) is strictly prohibited.

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy

It is the policy of Caverton Marine on behalf of itself and its subsidiaries, that each employee is individually responsible for maintaining acceptable standards of personal behavior in the business environment and for helping to ensure that all Caverton Marine employees, as well as anyone invited into Caverton Marine property, are able to carry out their assigned duties in a business atmosphere that is free from harassment or discrimination.

Caverton Marine prohibits not only unlawful harassment, but also unprofessional and discourteous actions. Accordingly, racial, ethnic, religious, age, sexual orientation, sexual or other inappropriate remarks, slurs or jokes will not be tolerated.


Stop Work Policy

One of the primary objectives and concern of our management is to provide and maintain the safest working environment for everybody relating to Caverton Marine's operations to minimise or eliminate the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage to properties or environment. Therefore, the Stop Work Policy issued by the Management states that all employees have the right not to continue work when there is an immediate threat which can endanger himself, others or cause adverse impact to the environment.

The Stop Work Policy has the fullest support of Caverton Marine Management and all employees are encouraged to report any unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, near misses as well as threats to people and the environment or to Company and its property.