NOTE:      INITIAL TRAINING (3 days)        2) REFRESHER TRAINING (2days)

A Helicopter Landing Officer is charged with the overall responsibility for the day-to-day management of the helicopter landing area and associated equipment either in offshore or onshore installations. The HLO is also in control of associated helicopter operations, ensuring that helicopter landings, passenger and freight movements are done in a safe and expeditious manner.


At the end of the training, course participants will be able to:

  • Define the role and explain key responsibilities of the offshore HLO
  • Explain key parts of relevant helideck operation regulations and guidelines
  • Describe helideck physical characteristics helideck equipment and systems
  • List typical hazards associated with offshore helideck operations
  • Demonstrate main HLO responsibilities and required actions during Helicopter operations and passenger movements.
  • Explain structure and terms in a typical pre-flight weather report.


  • Describe how dangerous goods are identified, packaged and labeled according to IATA and ICAO regulations, to include ‘Notification to Captain’
  • Describe typical HLO requirements for Normally Unattended Installations (NUIs).
  • Conduct radio checks and use standard radio communications protocols including hand signals
  • Check passenger and freight manifests
  • Effectively supervise HDAs during passenger, freight and baggage handling
  • Prepare for Helideck Emergency roles
  • Pass a course mastery test as 80% pass mark


  • Helicopter landing Officers
  • Helideck assistants
  • Personnel involved in the handling of helicopter flights
  • Pilots