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Caverton Marine

Incorporated in July, 1999, Caverton Marine was established as a service company specializing in Tankers, Vessels, Boats, Barges and Allied Equipment.  The company is approved by the Nigerian Department of Petroleum Resources to operate within the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry as a service company specializing in providing Marine/Special Transportation Services and engagement in the shipment of petroleum products. 

The passage of The Cabotage Bill by the Nigerian Government in May 2004 has allowed indigenous companies like Caverton Marine to become key players in the industry as it restricts  the operations of marine vessels and the transportation of Petroleum products in the region to Nigerian owned Vessels.

Caverton Marine continues to expand and improve the services it provides both within and beyond its core businesses. The company's key objective is to obtain and maintain a chartering profile with emphasis on the long-term contract markets with operation in Nigeria. Our strategy is to profitably increase revenues and enhance shareholder value by:

  • Developing and maintaining a large, diversified, technologically sophisticated fleet.
  • Focusing on attractive international markets.
  • Managing our risk profile through balance of short- and long-term charters.