Caverton offers a full range of helicopter training courses on its state-of-the-art AW139 simulator, which will enable pilots to secure and maintain their licenses to operate the AW139 under various Civil Aviation Authority approvals, while offering maximum training credits. The Caverton flight simulator provides a fully immersed, realistic virtual environment representing Nigerian and Regional operational locations, where pilots can learn to handle a multitude of system failures and overcome complex malfunctions should they arise in the real world. Pilots can thus train safely in high-risk mission scenarios, in a range of adverse weather conditions.

Our Thales Reality H, Level D AW139 Full-Flight Simulator is a new generation full electric motion system Hexaline, which is the most advanced 6 Degree of Freedom electrical motions in the market with superior reliability and smoothness. It also has a large Field of View (235 by 80 degrees), which exceeds level D requirements as specified by EASA (European union Aviation Safety Agency), and a high-performance image processor with a very detailed visual database for an excellent reality representation for trainees in various training environments.

A Forward Facing Instructor Operating Station and remote powered IOS (Instructor Operating Station) tablet for single crew training for better comfort of the Instructor and more efficient training sessions and Most importantly, the simulator is equipped with TCAS II (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) and HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Warning System) integrated into the Primus Epic Phase 7 Avionics.


The AW139 simulator is available for :

    1. Initial type Rating IFR/VFR
    2. Recurrent Type rating IFR/VFR
    3. Special Missions Training with Night Vision Goggles
    4. Search and Rescue
    5. Hoist and Sling
    6. Multi Crew Course
    7. Instructor Operating Station Course
    8. Additional Type Rating (prior Series Experience).

Our full flight simulator is available for wet-lease and dry-lease depending on the client’s preference. For more information, CLICK HERE and our team will be happy to assist with your request.