Caverton Flight Training


Having operated commercially for over 10 years, CATC’s has amassed thousands of hours of aviation flight training experience, which is evident in its operations and safety ratings. Flight training remains at the core of the company’s continuous improvement policy.

We offer a wide-range of flight training courses and will be introducing the first Level D AW139 Full Flight Simulator on the African continent by Q4 2020. The key features of the flight simulator training device are as follows:

  • A fully modular and reconfigurable system including a cockpit exchange capability,
  • A new generation of full electric motion system Hexaline©, which is the most advanced 6 DoF Electrical Motion on the market with superior reliability and smoothness
  • A Forward Facing Instructor Operating Station for a better comfort of the Instructor and more efficient training sessions,
  • A large FoV (235°x80°), higher than Level D requirement, and a high- performance Image Generator (ThalesView©) with very detailed visual Databases for an excellent immersion of the trainees in the training environment,
  • Blade Element Theory (BET) rotor model and Level D compliant flight models implemented from real flight data
  • A full COTS PC based system for an optimized possession cost with limited maintenance operations and a very powerful On Line Diagnosis Tool.


Tracon Site, Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria
Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.